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In this experiment, we're going to run a VLC DASH client to retrieve a video from a DASH server over a wireless heterogeneous network (WiFi and LTE). The experiment stages are:

Initialization: the user will choose the parameters of the experiment, then the experiment will try to reserve the required resources on the NITOS testbed.

Provision: the experiment will execute the required scripts in order to initialize and configure the reserved resources.

Experiment Execution: the main experiment will be executed and results will be shown to the user.

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Initialization parameters:

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Resources Reserved:


In this stage of the experiment, all the involved resources are going to be initialized/configured properly. In detail:

LTE Basestation: the experiment will boot and configure the LTE Basestation (including the involved EPC modules), then it will wait until all required modules are connected.

Loading: the experiment will load the appropriate images on WiFi and LTE nodes (this is a long proccess, 5-10 minutes).

Node configurations: the experiment will configure the interfaces on the nodes (WiFi and LTE).

Below you can see a more detailed description on what is being executed at the moment:


Waiting for experiment results